The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden

Today, I went to The Pharmacy Burger Parlor and Beer Garden. I have read about this place on many food critic websites, and heard about it from just about everyone I asked about restaurant recommendations. The Pharmacy was also voted Best Burger 2013 and Best New Restaurant 2012 by Nashville Scene, and was written about in the New York Times. So I just HAD to go.


The Pharmacy uses 100 percent Tennessee-raised beef and makes all its own condiments. (I’m a sucker for anything local. Support the local businesses people!)

With it being lunch on Valentine’s Day, I didn’t expect the restaurant to be very busy. There was a 30-minute wait though…at 11:45 a.m. That just goes to show how many people love this place! The inside is pretty small, but it has a fairly large bar area, which is always a plus in my opinion. There is an outside patio and that is both covered and heated, and gives a little more space to the restaurant. There is also a beer garden that was closed when I went today (too cold), but would be perfect in the spring!


My friend and I ended up finding a table at the bar (pictured above), because we didn’t have time to wait for a table. I’m glad we sat at the bar because we were able to watch the bartenders craft the restaurant’s specialty sodas. Yeah, they make each soda to order. How cool is that? Looking back, I wish I had ordered one. Or a malt. Or a beer. Lunches during the work week just suck the fun right out of me, I guess.

The menu boasts a long list of burgers, chicken, and bratwurst sandwiches. I had a hard time deciding what burger I wanted (because they all sounded so freaking good). I wanted to get my usual: any burger with avocado on it. But, I decided to venture out. As always, I asked the bartender what the most popular burger was.  He said that the Farm Burger is their best seller, so that’s what I ordered!


The amount of protein on the burger was insane. The Farm Burger is a beef patty topped with country ham, applewood smoked bacon, a fried egg and homemade dijon mustard. This is not my typical burger, but I’ll try anything once.

The burger was full of protein-packed decadence. It was a different burger than I have ever tried before, but the flavors blended together so well that I can see exactly why this is the restaurant’s most popular burger. I have to admit that I could have gone without the ham, but it was still really good. The beef patty was perfectly cooked and very juicy. The buns are more like english muffins, and are baked for The Pharmacy each day from the local bakery, Provence.

The side list is extensive for a burger joint. They have cole slaw, pasta salad, blackbean and corn salad, pasta salad and tater tots. I got the sweet potato fries with Dijon mustard to dip them in. (You can’t dip sweet potato fries in ketchup, I’m sorry but you just can’t.)  They were the perfectly cooked but may have been sitting for a little while before they made it to my plate. (They were still good, so I forgive The Pharmacy for that one.)

I may have a blocked artery from all that greasy protein but, nevertheless, it’s a great place. It’s a restaurant where you just want to sit back and drink a beer (or specialty soda) while enjoying a great burger and good company. I can’t wait to try this restaurant in the spring when the both the patio and beer garden are open. I can now see why The Pharmacy is one of the most talked about burger joints in Nashville. So, go try it out, cause this gal will be back.


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