Nashville’s Best BBQ Joint: Edley’s Bar-B-Que

Edley’s Bar-B-Que is said to be the “it” barbecue spot in Nashville. It’s been in Nashville about two years, but since I’ve been gone for about three, it’s new to me! So it was obviously crucial that I tried this place so I could see for myself what all the talk was about.

Edley's Exterior

Edley’s has locations in both East Nashville and 12 South neighborhoods. I went to the one in 12 South for lunch this week. As I’ve mentioned before, one of my favorite foods is barbecue. There’s something about slow-cooked meat, southern side dishes and house-made barbecue sauce that makes me giddy.

The décor and feel of the place is just what you expect a barbecue joint to be, only better. (Note the Tennessee state flag in the picture below. Yeah, I love my state.) It just makes you feel at home. There’s a great deal of worn wood, exposed steel beams and string lighting in the restaurant. I immediately knew the food had to be good when I walked in. Why? Because there were rolls of paper towels on the table for customers to use as napkins. In my opinion, a barbecue place isn’t legitimate unless they have the roll on the table. It’s only right.

 Edley's Interior

The location in 12 South has a great patio. I could see myself sitting out there enjoying a nice slab of barbecue and one of Edley’s mixed drinks on a hot summer day. Sounds amazing right?

When ordering, I was torn between the pulled pork and the chicken platter. Usually, I go straight for the pork, but I thought I would ask the cashier for her take. She said the chicken was her favorite. So, since I had never been here before, I ordered what she told me to. Well, I should have gone with my gut and ordered the classic pulled pork.

Don’t get me wrong, the chicken was great (I’ll get to the details in a second), but it was NOT pulled chicken like I thought it would be. It was two slabs of chicken, bones and all. I’ll admit that I made a rookie mistake on that one.

I am not an expert when it comes to bone-in chicken. I usually steer clear of it because I can never seem to get the meat off the bone correctly. It’s too much work and I feel like it’s obvious that I don’t know how to properly cut chicken off the bone in public. (I need a crash course in bone-in-chicken-cutting-at-a-restaurant etiquette.)

So, after my initial disappointment when I received my food, I decided to dig in…


The chicken was actually pretty yummy, even though it took awhile to get the damn stuff off the bone.  It’s easy to tell that they cook the meat low and slow because there was so much tenderness and juiciness to it. The barbecue sauce was outstanding. My tummy was happy.

As my two sides, I ordered the green beans and the mac-n-cheese. The green beans were just classic southern-style beans. But I needed a little green on my plate. The mac-and-cheese had a breadcrumb topping that added to the amazing flavor of this side dish. The cheese is fairly heavy, so just the small side is more than enough. I’m a sucker for mac-n-cheese.

With the platter, you get a slice of cornbread with your meal. There are peppers and jalapeños (I think) baked into the bread, which gives an unexpected kick to the cornbread. It seems as though they put each slice on the flat top for a few seconds to give that little bit of crunch when you bite in. It’s one of the best slices of cornbread I’ve had.

So, all-in-all, I will be back. Even with my chicken mishap (and yes, Edley’s, I take the blame for my naivety when it comes to barbecue chicken) my meal was mouth-watering and the ambiance was excellent.

Go to Edley’s. You won’t regret it.


*UPDATE: I have since been back to Edley’s and got the Pulled Pork Platter with black eyed peas and cole slaw. BEST DECISION EVER. Their pulled pork is absolutely outstanding. The black eyed peas were warm and delicious as well, and I usually don’t even like black eyed peas! Completely made up for my chicken mishap last time.*


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