What I Ate Wednesday

Guess what day it is? What I Ate Wednesday is back!

Can you believe it is Wednesday? This week has just flown by! Here’s my exciting Wednesday update of my daily life. I would say I really took my life by the forkful today…

Last night I was lazy and skipped my training, so I made up for it by getting up super early and running 5.5 miles! Snaps for half-marathons.

Since I got up so early, I brought ingredients to work with me to make a quick breakfast in the microwave. I brought 3 egg whites, 4 cherry tomatoes, a handful of spinach, 1/4 clove garlic, a tbsp. of goat cheese and a slice of sprouted grain bread to make a breakfast sandwich. I mixed the egg whites, tomatoes, spinach and garlic together in a bowl and microwaved it for about one minute. Then, I put the egg on my bread, sprinkled the goat cheese on top and added a little tabasco for a kick!


I also had a clementine to get my serving of fruit for the morning. It was a quick, easy, mouth-watering meal that I will definitely be bringing to work in the future.


(How good does that look? And it was so easy!) Now about this bread… I don’t usually buy bread, but I have been reading about “sprouted grain” bread for a while now and thought I would give it a try. It’s in the freezer section at grocery stores! Who knew. But, frozen bread works out perfectly for me because one girl can only eat a loaf of bread so fast. The bread is super healthy and actually pretty good!

For lunch, a co-worker and I went to Silly Goose, a restaurant I have been dying to try in East Nashville. You’ll have to read my review on it tomorrow! The restaurant was so good that I couldn’t just lump it into my “What I Ate Wednesday” post. It is well worthy of its own page. (I even posted a picture of what I got below. Such suspense until tomorrow, I know.)

After lunch, we ran over to Jeni’s Ice Cream to grab something to satisfy our sweet tooth before heading back to work. I just love this darn place. It’s always so satisfying and refreshing. And the workers are always SO sweet. (I mean they work in an ice cream shop, after all.) I ordered the Black Currant Frozen Yogurt (bottom purple one below) and Brambleberry Crisp (top white and purple one). My co-worker got Banana French Toast and Chocomole. All the flavors were divine, as always. It was the perfect end to a perfect lunch break.


For dinner, I threw together some whole-wheat rigatoni with cherry tomatoes, spinach, goat cheese and grilled chicken!


I went to Shakti Power Yoga for the first time tonight, so I quickly made my dinner, threw it in a cup and ran out the door to go to the class!

I am in LOVE with hot yoga. This was my first hot yoga class (and only second yoga class in my life). It was so peaceful, yet you sweat your butt off the entire time. I looked at the thermostat at one point and swear I saw that it was 110 F in the studio. But, it was heavenly and I will do it again in a heartbeat.

So, today I would say that I certainly took life by the forkful. I had some amazing meals and maybe went overboard on my exercise, but hey, endorphins make you happy, and who doesn’t love to be happy?


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