Silly Goose: The best restaurant in town

Silly Goose is a restaurant in East Nashville serving up sandwiches, salads and an all-around healthy fare. I have wanted to try this restaurant since I first heard about it when I moved back to Nashville.


I have actually tried to go here for lunch a time or two before, but found out that they are closed on Sunday and Monday, sadly.  So, I was ecstatic that I was finally was able to go yesterday!

Now, before I get to the food, I will reveal why I wanted to go to this place so much in the first place.

One – because of the rave reviews, and

Two – because of he greatness I found on their website. Not only did the menu get me hooked, but it was also their “About Me” section that stole my heart:

“We make delicious, nourishing, wholesome food with love and care from the purest and highest quality ingredients available to us. We search for and buy local, organic, sustainably produced, minimally manipulated food.”

Oh…hello foodie perfection. Food that is local, good for you and made with care. You absolutely cannot get better than that. I am a lover of local businesses who care about their customers and what they put into their stomachs. Silly Goose even lists where they get their ingredients on their website.

I felt welcomed the second I walked in the door. Two large walls of windows give the restaurant an open and homey feel. There is a chalkboard on the wall behind the bar showcasing the local vendors the chefs use and a list of the daily specials. The establishment has such an East-Nashville feel. If you have been to this part of town, you know what I mean. Everyone’s so down-to-earth and chill, and they all make me want to be as cool and hip as them. (I sound like a grandma. I assure you, I’m cool, just not as cool as them. Teach me your ways East-Nashy residents.) IMG_4307

Also, the fact that their menu is presented on a clipboard, the silverware is wrapped in bandannas, and there are tulips on every table just makes it even better. Ugh, ya’ll this place is so cute.


Also, I have to praise Silly Goose for their music choices. When I walked in, Folsom Prison Blues by Johnny Cash was playing. If you know me, you know I adore Johnny Cash’s music. It was as if they played it knowing I was coming. (A girl can dream.)

Now, onto the real reason I went to the Silly Goose…the food.

I always research a restaurant’s menu before I attend, and Silly Goose was no different. I was SO undecided on what I wanted to order, however. Silly Goose has such a well put together menu that I wanted to order everything. Literally everything. I was almost tempted to tell the waitress to just surprise me with my meal. (Genius idea…I’m totally doing that next time I go. Which, realistically, will be within the next week).

The hostess said her favorite menu item is the Cantina. It is a salad with butternut squash, apples, quinoa, pecans, mustard greens, goat cheese and a four-herb vinaigrette. But, as decadent as that sounds, I wanted a sandwich.

It’s no coincidence that the two items my waitress told me were the most popular were the two I was deciding between. Luckily, the co-worker I was with ordered one of the sandwiches, and I got the other.

I ordered the Sparky wrap. It was filled with turkey breast, basil aioli, dried cranberries, brie, roasted walnuts, and baby greens that were tucked into a sun-dried tomato wrap and grilled to perfection. My mouth is currently watering. Gimme. I had a combination of herbed couscous and salad greens on the side.


Brie might tie with goat cheese as my favorite type of cheese. It’s pretty satisfying, if you ask me. Especially when it is a combination of brie and cranberries.

This sandwich had just the right amount of meat, without being too heavy. I had a little bit of each ingredient in every bite. The brie was perfectly melted into the rest of the wrap, which really held the whole thing together. I am in love with this wrap and I want the world to know it.

As far as the sides go, Silly Goose better hold on tight to their salad dressing recipe, because it is good. Like, best-balsamic-dressing-I’ve-ever-tasted good. I don’t recall having ever tried couscous before, but I really enjoyed it. The herb concoction they mixed with the couscous was perfect in every way.

My co-worker ordered the Bird sandwich. It consisted of grilled chicken breast, sun-dried tomato, avocado, bacon and peppered goat cheese on wholegrain bread. It looked scrumptious! She said it was a winner in her book.


Another cool thing about the restaurant is that they don’t serve any Coke or Pepsi products, only house-made teas and lemonades. Respect.

I am eager to try their dinner and desserts (and sample the extensive wine list…) next time I eat there.

Silly Goose is hands-down my new favorite restaurant in all of Nashville/Greater Nashville/State of Tennessee/U.S.A., etc. If you like healthy food that is made by people who show they love the food as much as you do, eat at Silly Goose. Now.



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