Pub 5

I apologize for not posting this past week. I was out of town on a business trip and couldn’t blog. But, today I am back in the great city of Nashville.

I went to lunch today at Pub 5. It is located downtown, right across the street from Bridgestone Arena. It has a slightly small storefront, which may be why I had not been there before. Wood and exposed brick walls make the interior of the restaurant warm and inviting. It has a very rustic feel.

Pub 5 has three stories. The first story of the restaurant is mostly the waiting area and the bar, with a few tables scattered throughout. The second level is private dining rooms and the top level is a rooftop dining area. It was absolutely beautiful in Nashville today, so we sat at the dining area on the roof!

The rooftop patio has a full bar as well as tables. We got there a little before noon, so we were the first ones up there. After a few minutes, the place filled up. The poor waiter was the only one working up there so he was a little slower, but he still provided great service, when he could.

The menu is fit for foodies. The menu includes salads, sandwiches, tacos and burgers. Some of the most interesting entrees on the lunch menu are the Wild Boar Sloppy Joe, Lamb Burger, Roasted Eggplant Wrap and Tenderloin Sandwich.

I ordered the Quinoa Tabbouleh with Salmon on top. The tabbouleh comprises quinoa, peppers, feta, cucumber, tomato, pea tendrils and an herb vinaigrette. It was cool, refreshing and extremely satisfying. The flavors mixed together remarkably well. I highly recommend this salad, especially with salmon added on top. It is the perfect salad for a nice spring day!

Pub 5

Pub 5 is a great place to go on a nice day, or before going to an event at Bridgestone. I will definitely be back to try this place again. They have great happy hour specials and put an emphasis on their beer selection. It may be small, but don’t pass this place by!


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