Roost in Greenville, S.C.

This weekend I went to visit my parents in Greenville, S.C. It’s a beautiful city with amazing food!

We went to Roost Restaurant for dinner last night and I knew I just had to write about it. Roost is located on North Main Street in downtown Greenville and is attached to the Hyatt Regency. One thing I always try to look for when choosing restaurants is that they get ingredients from local producers. Roost is one of those restaurants.

Roost opened in 2013, and immediately was the most buzzed about restaurant in town. The restaurant was also voted as a Diner’s Choice winner at last year. It is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner daily. 

The restaurant has a large covered patio overlooking NOMA Square. The glass walls, which enclose the bar area, can be taken away in warmer months to expose the interior of the restaurant to the patio. As you walk farther back into the enclosed section of the restaurant, warm lighting and wood interior make you feel right at home, while still making you think you’re at a trendy restaurant. This place is awesome, inside and out!

We had a reservation for 6:30 p.m. and were seated immediately. (OpenTable is a lifesaver.) After a quick look at the cocktail menu, I ordered The Roost Spicy Margarita. I was slightly nervous about trying it because our waitress said it was quite spicy, but hey, when in Greenville! The margarita was a blend of El Jimador Blanco Tequila, with muddled jalapeño, cucumber and cilantro leaves. New. Favorite. Cocktail. Let’s just say don’t try this if you don’t like jalepenos because boy, did it have a kick to it. But, at the same time it was extremely refreshing and had such a great combination of flavors!


My mom ordered the Strawberry Fields cocktail (below), which comprised Tito’s vodka, muddled lemon and fresh strawberries. It was too sweet in my opinion, but she really enjoyed it. My dad ordered a Thomas Creek beer (a Greenville, S.C. brewery)!


The menu boasts a variety of small plates, salads, flatbreads, seafood, poultry and steak options. While I am not vegetarian myself, I do like that the back of the menu is solely vegetarian options. It would make it easier for vegetarians, so they don’t have to sift through the menu and figure out what has meat and what doesn’t! The restaurant has gluten free options, as well.

For a starter, I ordered the Supper Salad and the soup of the day. When it came to entrees, my dad and I split the Shrimp and Chorizo flatbread, and Black and Blue flatbread. My mom ordered the fish of the day, which was a South Carolina Flounder with risotto.


The Supper Salad consisted of cucumber, radish and feta cheese with balsamic vinaigrette. The radishes seemed to be pickled or were glazed with a sauce, and they were delicious! The soup of the day was tomato soup (my favorite).


The flatbreads were exceptional. The Shrimp and Chorizo (below, left) had tomato, truffle oil and arugula on it. This might have been the first time I have ever had a flatbread without cheese on it. But, you didn’t even miss it. I think adding cheese would have ruined the unique flavor combination of the flatbread. Well done, chef. The chorizo gave the flatbread a kick to it and the rest of the ingredients blended so well with the flavors of the sausage. The Black and Blue flatbread (below, right) had marinated strip steak, bleu cheese, ricotta, portabello mushrooms, mozzarella and basil on it. It was good, but too much cheese and too little meat for my liking. Shrimp and Chorizo is by far the winner in my book.


Now before I talk about the dessert, I know I will get all kinds of texts/comments once I post this about the fact that I had dessert during lent. Yes, I gave up baked goods/sweets. Well, all I have to say to you folks is that you have one day a week (yes, it’s supposed to be Sunday, but I changed it up due to the occasion) to not sacrifice. Yes, lent is actually 46 days long, not 40, because you aren’t supposed to sacrifice on the Sabbath Day (look it up)!

Now, onto the dessert. We ordered the Tennessee Mud and a lemon dessert. The Tennessee Mud (below, left) was chocolate mousse, pistachio, ground espresso and Oreo all in a mason jar! IT WAS SO GOOD. Rich, but heavenly. The only problem was that the pistachios were on bottom, so you couldn’t get to them until you had almost finished the whole thing. The lemon dessert (below, right) isn’t listed on their menu online, but was basically a crustless lemon meringue pie. It was delicious as well! How freaking cute are the presentations of their meals?


The service our waitress gave us at Roost was exceptional. She was extremely attentive, helped us with our menu choices and was very personable. It was a Saturday night in a busy restaurant, but she took the time to come talk to us, and not just pass by quickly. She was GREAT! I can’t remember her name, which I am kicking myself for now.

All in all, Roost is a new favorite in my book. I can not wait to make it back to Greenville to eat at this place again! If you haven’t tried Roost, it’s time to go!


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