“Spring into Street Food” Event

I have wanted to try food truck fare for quite some time, as they are now said to be some of the best places to eat. Today, Bacon Nation presented its first “Spring into Street Food” event this year. It featured 20 Nashville food trucks! I was excited to try it because I had never had food from a Nashville food truck before! (And this was only my second food truck experience — my first in Greenville, S.C.) Naturally, I researched the heck out of every food truck to understand where they were from, what their menu consisted of, and what the reviews were.


My coworkers and I walked down to where it was being held downtown a little before noon, and the street was packed! I have to admit, I got a little giddy when I saw all the different trucks lined up! We did a lap to make sure we got to see every truck and what they offered. I wish I could have tried something from each truck. Look how many there are!!


I ended up ordering from Confeastador. I ordered a spicy fish taco and a brisket taco.


They were outstanding. I got some of the last brisket (yay me) and I am so happy about it. It was so perfectly tender and the jalepenos on top gave it the perfect heat. The tortillas were perfectly flakey and you could tell they were fresh. The spicy fish taco is the best taco I have had. I LOVE blackened fish and their spice blend is on point. The guacamole on top of the fish was creamy, fresh and gave the perfect relief to the blackening seasoning. I am so glad I decided to order these tacos.


I had to get a solo shot of the amazon fish tacos. Confeastador, you will be seeing a lot more of this gal.


What my coworkers ordered:

  • Confeastador: brisket sandwich
  • Crankees Pizza: “better than pepperoni” pizza and margherita pizza
  • Smoke Et Al: barbecue sandwich


Then, it was time for dessert. Sadly, I had to watch them indulge in sugary-goodness that I could not partake in. I gave up sweets for Lent. It’s a struggle, let me tell you, but only a few weeks until Easter!


I am so excited for the next Spring into Food event and I am absolutely a food truck convert. Be sure to check out the Nashville Food Truck Association website, and follow them on Facebook and Twitter. It will give you updates on where food trucks in Nashville will be every day! Such a great resource to have!

Missed the event today? No worries! Bacon Nation will be hosting this event April 17, May 1 and May 15 on Deaderick Street between 3rd and 5th Ave.  See you there 🙂


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