Five Points Pizza


Fridays and pizza were made for each other. Having one without the other just doesn’t seem right. So, on Friday, my coworker/friends Jenny, Richel and I tried out Five Points Pizza after hearing much buzz that it’s the “best pizza in Nashville” by our colleagues.

Five Points Pizza was named Nashville Scene‘s Best Pizza in 2013, and is on Nashville Lifestyles’ list of reader’s favorite pizza. I was excited to try it because of all the talk and the fact that I don’t get to East Nashville enough!

The pizzeria recently announced its expansion into the space next door to make room for more ovens and a take-out counter. The expansion will also feature a pizza slice window to cater to late-night pizza cravings. How exciting is that!

Also, Five Points Pizza has some pretty great lunch specials. On weekdays from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., you can order two slices and a drink for only $8! It also has specials for salads, knots or one slice of pizza, but I was in the mood for two today.


(Sorry for my awful picture, it was hard to snap a shot of the place with all the people!)

Five Points Pizza is a fairly small establishment, but I think that’s what makes it special. It’s a neighborhood gathering spot with an ambiance to match.

We were greeted and seated right away. It pays to get to a restaurant before noon on a Friday, it was packed about 10 minutes after we sat down! The waiters are super friendly and down to earth, even though you could tell they were stressing about the high volume of lunch patrons.

The menu has three individual pizza slice options, as well as slice specials that change daily. They also have an extensive list of 14 or 18 inch pizza pies. Can you say vodka sauce pizza or a hot Hawaiian pizza? Yum.

We ordered a half order of garlic knots to share. They were fresh from the oven, with garlic smeared along the top and pooled on the plate, and parmesan cheese dusted on top. Each one was perfectly knotted with perfect ratio of bread to garlic. The garlic flavor was not at all overpowering and mixed well with the dipping sauce. The marinara dipping sauce that came with the knots was outstanding.


I ordered the prosciutto and basil, and the veggie slices of pizza. I think these slices were bigger than my face! I started with the prosciutto and basil pizza. The crust was hand-tossed and on the thinner side, just the way I like my crust to be! If you haven’t had prosciutto on a pizza before, you must try it. The edges of the prosciutto were just crispy enough without being overcooked and the basil gave it a nice addition of flavor. The only downside to this slice was that it only had a few pieces of prosciutto on it and I wish there were more! 


After my first slice, I was stuffed so I took the veggie slice with me. It had an olive oil base, with roasted red pepper, spinach and ricotta cheese. I wish I would have eaten it during lunch, but, I can tell you that it was just good after I popped it in the oven last night to reheat it! Next time, I think I will cut each slice in half to get a taste of both kinds when they’re fresh. I wasn’t thinking at lunch apparently.


I am excited to try this place again when I can sit and eat a slice (or two) of pizza and drink beer in the evening, and don’t have to rush back to work! I will absolutely be trying all different kinds of pizza the next time I come, because I can bet you that the pizza chefs can’t go wrong with anything they make.


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