Garden and Gun’s Greatest Southern Town

Yesterday, my friend Jenny and I decided to spend the morning south of Nashville in Franklin. It just won Garden and Gun’s Greatest Southern Town contest! Yay Franklin!

We started off the unseasonably chilly morning by heading to the Franklin Farmer’s Market. I am a sucker for farmers markets. I aim to buy all my produce there in the warmer months. With the cold winter, it’s taking longer for locally-grown produce to show up at farmers markets around town, but we thought we would check it out anyway. There was only about one produce vendor at the market, which was expected.


I can’t wait until later this spring when the farmers market has double the amount of vendors and is bustling with people! There were many dairy farms, bakeries, artisan goods, meat vendors and food trucks at the market yesterday, but not as many as usual.

We made sure we stopped at Ellie’s Old Fashioned Doughnuts food truck to grab a cinnamon sugar pumpkin doughnut!


The doughnut was excellent. It had a great pumpkin taste and we were given ones that were freshly made a few moments before! I got an instant sugar high, though. All that cinnamon sugar was a lot for a girl.


And yes, I had to take a cheesy picture of my doughnut!


After stuffing our faces with donuts and finishing walking around the market, we headed to downtown Franklin to do a little shopping and some more eating!

Downtown Franklin is one of my favorite places. It used to be easier to go to growing up because I lived in Williamson County, but now living in Davidson County, it is more of a drive. So, I make sure I the most of it when I do end up there! There is such a rich history and I love how walkable it is.


Jenny had never been to Merridee’s Breadbasket, my favorite eatery in Franklin, so I knew I had to take her. Merridee’s is a hometown bakery with an amazing menu. The chicken salad, pastries and fruit tea are to die for. The decor gives it a very homey feel with blue and white checkered table cloths. It has a wall of fresh breads for customers to purchase as well as large display cases of all the baked goods and sweets.


From soups and salads to quiches to grilled sandwiches, there is something for everyone at Merridee’s. This no-fuss establishment is worth the drive. It’s a great place to order a coffee and a pastry, bring a book, and just hang out in the restaurant for hours on end. I love going there to unwind, and watch the hustle and bustle of the restaurant on a Saturday morning.

But, I have to tell you that it is closed on Sundays. I’ve made the mistake of not realizing what day it was and driving down to Franklin to get my Merridee’s fix on a Sunday morning. It doesn’t end well.

Today, I ordered the chicken salad fruit plate (as I always do!) with sun-dried tomato bread on the side instead of the usual cinnamon raisin. As always, it was exceptional.


The staff gets to the restaurant in the early hours of the morning to prepare the fresh breads and menu items, so it is all fresh for customers that day. You can tell that love and hard work is put into everything in the establishment. The food is cooked with love like your momma makes it. I can’t even begin to express my love of this place; you’ll have to try it out for yourself!

After we got our Merridee’s fix, we headed down to Sweet Cece’s Frozen Yogurt. Jenny hadn’t been there either, and I thought her first time to the frozen yogurt franchise had to be at the original! It’s my favorite frozen yogurt shop. Maybe it’s the pink and green decor with candy accents (yes, actual candy) or the fact that all the frozen yogurt is dairy based and not powder based (Did you know that most frozen yogurt places actually serve powder based fro-yo? YUCK), but I love this place! Jenny had Cable Car Chocolate with strawberries on top and I had Original Tart with blackberries and strawberries.

All in all it was a great Saturday! I can’t wait until its warmer so that I can spend all day walking around the farmers market picking out produce and spending time in downtown Franklin without freezing!


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