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My weekend in Chattanooga

Last weekend I traveled to Chattanooga for my dear friend’s birthday. Hannah and I have been best friends since high school, and I have been dying to visit her since she’s lived in Chattanooga! We usually meet up in Nashville every time she’s home, but finally, I was able to go and visit her!

IMG_5296We had an amazing weekend celebrating her day and exploring the great city of Chattanooga. Unfortunately, it was cold and raining all weekend, but we absolutely made the most of it! And, of course, she took me to all her favorite restaurants in the city. Below is a run-down of where we dined:

Blue Plate: 

Blue Plate is a “homegrown Chattanooga restaurant.” The eatery makes everything from scratch and gets its ingredients from local suppliers. The decor is chic and sleek, with blue and white interior designs. We went to Blue Plate for brunch on Saturday morning, and it was absolutely packed! We ended up sitting at the bar area, which was perfectly fine with us.

I couldn’t get over how amazing the brunch menu was. Even though I could have easily ordered breakfast and lunch, I decided to stick with a breakfast item. I ordered the White Omelet, which had egg whites, spinach, mushrooms, peppers & onions, mixed cheese and pico de gallo in it. On the side I had toast and asparagus (the daily special). It was the epitome of the classic “Sarah breakfast” (minus the toast…). Let me tell you, the omelet was divine and exactly what I was craving. It was filling without being heavy, and the asparagus was perfectly cooked. I could have gone without the toast, but I was on vacation, so why not indulge in some extra carbs! Next time I visit Chattanooga, I will absolutely be back here to try the lunch menu. Too many entrees to try in one visit!


Milk and Honey:

Milk and Honey may just be the cutest darn place I have ever laid eyes on. And guess what? It’s coming to Nashville! That’s right, the owners are bringing this place to Music City U.S.A. When it opens, you’ll know where to find me.


The coffee shop is oh so much more than just a coffee shop. It serves coffee, gelato, baked goods, breakfast and lunch. (The one in Nashville is rumored to be doing dinner service as well.)

I ordered a Sugar-Free Vanilla Soy Latte. So tasty! IMG_5308

Community Pie:

Run by the same owners as Milk and Honey, Community Pie is a local pizza parlor with a great idea behind it. According to the website, it was created to serve “pizza, beer, and ice cream.” Simple as that. See why I like this place?

Community Pie serves not only New York Style pizza, but Neapolitan pizza as well. It also serves salad, pasta and Milk and Honey gelato for dessert. I ordered the Raw Kale salad to start, then Hannah and I split the Margherita Neapolitan pizza.  The kale salad was mixed with almonds, cranberries, parmesan cheese and was marinated in a champagne vinaigrette. While I love kale, I will admit that I am not immune to its bitter flavor. This salad masked the flavor, though, without an overload of salad dressing (which is rare). I applaud the restaurant for this killer salad!


The Margherita pizza was amazing, but I could have used a little more cheese on it. The crust though? Crispy and perfectly cooked. Just as I would expect it in Italy.


Urban Stack:

Urban Stack is owned by the same restauranteurs that own Community Pie, and Milk and Honey. (The owners certainly know what they’re doing!) Urban Stack is also coming to Nashville, and will be housed next door to Milk and Honey.

Urban Stack is a burger joint that is comparable to Nashville’s Burger Up. It is not, however, trying to be Burger Up. There is more of a bar-like vibe to Urban Stack. 

I ordered The Big Cheese Burger with chicken instead of beef and Sweetwater Valley Farm Fiesta cheese. The chicken on the sandwich (because I technically shouldn’t call it a burger) was extremely tender and juicy. The restaurant offers wheat buns as well as traditional white, but I was so hungry that I forgot to ask for my sandwich to be served on wheat!

I ordered my sandwich with a side of sweet potato fries.

The only problem I had with the restaurant is that the fries are a separate charge, and one order is meant to serve two people. The menu does not indicate either thing anywhere and we were not informed by our waiter about this when we each ordered a separate order of fries. I completely understand that it was my own ignorance of not having dined at the restaurant before, so I want to make sure you know before you decide to eat at Urban Stack. The fries were delicious, but my surprise outweighed my delight in the taste of the side item.


On my way out of town, Hannah and I stopped at Signal Mountain to see the view! It was foggy with all the rain that had passed through the night before, so all we got was a washed-out background in our picture, but boy, was it beautiful in real life.IMG_5313

It was a great weekend full of food and adventures. I am so thankful to have dear friends like Hannah in my life, and I can’t wait for many more trips to Chattanooga!


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