Etch Restaurant

On Friday night, Megan and I went to Etch to celebrate her new job and her move to Nashville. I am so glad that she is finally a Nashville resident!


Etch is a remarkable restaurant that is fit for foodies. Chef Deb Pacquette is a culinary genius. She was the first woman in the state to qualify as a certified executive chef and it certainly shows in her restaurant’s menu offerings.

The interior is sleek yet warm and is the perfect destination for a sophisticated lunch or dinner. I absolutely adore the open kitchen concept.


The picture above is the Chef’s Table at the bar. Next time, I will try to sit up there to watch what goes on in the kitchen!

When it came to drinks, I started with the Lime and Cilantro cocktail. It is a mixture of tequila or gin (I had mine with tequila) muddled with mint, lemon and agave syrup. There is certainly a kick to the cocktail, which was a nice surprise.


To start our meal, we ordered the Roasted Cauliflower appetizer.


The appetizer was flawless. The cauliflower was served with a truffled pea pesto, salted almonds and feta creama. The truffled pea pesto was incredible and mixed so well with the flavor of the cauliflower. I think I may have eaten the entire dollop of pesto by myself.

For entrees, Megan ordered the Cobia and I ordered the Scallops.

Cobia is a light white fish that I have seen on many menus lately. The fish was rubbed with turkish spices and was served with capers, olives, raisins, feta, almonds and a beignet.  Megan said it was a great dish.


I had heard rave reviews about the scallops, so I was eager to try them. The scallops were grilled and served over a bed of lettuce with confit and tempura mushrooms, bacon, butternut garlic essence, beet sriracha and a smoked shallot vinaigrette. I highly recommend this dish. The scallops were cooked to absolute perfection and the tempura mushrooms were a flavor combination I had never tried before. 


I paired my entrée with a glass of 2011 Emile Beyer Gewurztraminer. The two matched excellently. 

We knew we had to save room for dessert after how much we heard about the offerings. It was so hard to decide which one we wanted to order, though! They all sounded absolutely incredible. We ended up splitting the Chocolate Pretzel Bar. It was a pretzel shortbread with dark chocolate ganache, chocolate caramel mousse, malted milk cream and caramel sauce. Heaven. Absolute heaven.


We had exceptional service during our evening at Etch. Our waiter delivered amazing hospitality which added to the overall experience at the restaurant.

It’s time you go and see why Etch was voted Nashville’s favorite new restaurant


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