City Fire

City Fire American Oven & Bar is a great new restaurant located in the Gulch. The space is under the same owner as the previous restaurant that occupied the space, Music City Flats, but it closed and reopened with the concept of City Fire.

The decor is dark and sleek with a high-class vibe. It is perfect for an after-work get together. I wish the restaurant had more outdoor seating, though!

I went to City Fire with some co-workers this week for happy hour. Let me tell you, the restaurant might just have some of the best happy hour deals in the city!  The happy hour menu has $3 select beers and wines, $5 eclectic cocktails and $6 apps. The appetizers include guacamole, sizzle chips and the Maui flat.

I ordered a glass of wine and the Sweet Chili Shrimp flat. (Not on the happy hour specials, but still worth it.) As a group, we ordered a combination of the Margherita flat, Maui flat, guacamole, and the Chickpea Avocado salad. The winners of the group were definitely the flats. City fire’s flatbread appetizers are nine inches and can easily be eaten as a meal. The flat breads are glorified thin-crust pizzas, but with specialty sauces on top, instead of underneath the cheese. Each flat is about $10-$13, so the $6 happy hour Maui flat is a great deal.

The shrimp flat I ordered was good, but had nothing on the other two. The sweet chili heat was in the sweet-and-sour sauce drizzled on top, not in the shrimp itself. Regardless, the pizza was still good and I would order it again.


The Margherita flat was drizzled with a delicious balsamic vinaigrette. (Jenny asked for it on the side and poured it herself…you’ll understand why I’m saying this when you see the picture below.)


The Maui flat took the show. It had pulled pork, pineapple, bacon and barbecue sauce on it. Such a great pizza without being too heavy. I like that the chef didn’t overload the pizza with barbecue sauce. It was divine! (And so good that we didn’t even get a picture of it…)

The guacamole was fresh with big chunks of avocado in it. The naan that accompanied the guacamole tasted just-out-of-the-oven good.


The menu boasts many other options other than the appetizers and salads we ordered. It boasts sandwiches, a variety of entrees and desserts, as well. There also are many options on the menu can be made gluten-free. A few items on City Fire’s menu that I have heard rave reviews about are the hot chicken, fish tacos and Salmon, all of which I would love to try.

I will absolutely be back to City Fire for many more happy hours. I am also looking forward to trying the restaurant for lunch or dinner as well!

What’s your favorite happy hour in town?


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