The Bridge Bar: Global Day of Discovery Event

Earlier this week, Renaissance Nashville Hotel hosted the Global Day of Discovery Event at The Bridge Bar. The venue is on the third floor of the Renaissance hotel, located on the catwalk that goes over Commerce Street. It is a hidden gem of Nashville!

The bar has happy hour specials, live music, and serves lunch and dinner. It also boasts a killer view of downtown.


The Renaissance was kind enough to host the Nashville Food Bloggers for a tasting of its summer menu prior to a concert given by Grammy-winning recording artist Gordon Kennedy.


The Bridge Bar’s cocktail menu is extensive and creative. I was in the mood for something sweet, so I ordered the Strawberry Caipiroska. It was a combination of Ketel One, lime and muddled strawberries.  The drink was sweet and tart without being bitter.


The chef was extremely generous with his array of food for us. Who knew there were such great offerings at the bar! I have been to The Bridge Bar before for drinks, but was not aware of the menu it had to offer. (Below is a picture of my table’s food. It would barely fit on the table!)


I tried the Smoked Deviled Eggs first. The eggs were Applewood smoked, served with TN comeback sauce and topped with Benton’s Farmhouse Bacon crisp. I am not a huge fan of deviled eggs, but I really enjoyed these. The eggs were creamy with the perfect hint of smoke.


Next were the Short Rib Sliders, served with a jalapeño slaw and Jack’s BBQ glaze. Yum!


I will admit: I was very nervous about trying the Fried Chicken Livers. The liver was served with TN Old Mill Asiago grits and pickled peach puree. I know chicken liver is on many menus, but the thought of eating it makes my stomach churn. I took one for the team and tried it. It was seasoned and fried well, so it was actually quite good. I actually finished the whole thing! (I just tried to forget what I was actually eating.) The grits and peach puree complemented the liver well. I think the peach puree was my favorite part of the dish.


The Hot Chicken “Their Way” had a great heat without bursting my taste-buds. It was served with a sweet potato pancake, Further Farm’s Honey and a house-made pickle. The chicken was pretty hot for me, but others at the table thought it a good amount of heat. The addition of the sweet potato pancake was an excellent decision on the Chef’s part.


I saved my favorite two dishes for last: the kale salad and seared scallops.

The kale salad was served with parmesan dressing, citrus grilled shrimp and toasted quinoa. The salad was incredible. The parmesan dressing was creamy and light, and the toasted quinoa added a subtle crunch to the dish. I highly recommend you try this salad!


The seared scallops were served with a Sweet Corn cake and Lynchburg Pepper Jelly. The scallop was very large, and seasoned well. I think the corn cake stole the show, however. I couldn’t get enough! The tastes of the three components in this dish married perfectly.


I cannot thank the Renaissance enough for hosting us for the event! It was such a great evening. So next time you are looking to have dinner and drinks downtown, try The Bridge Bar!


Below are a couple of pictures of the rest of the event with Gordon Kennedy:


IMG_0169(Disclosure: Renaissance Nashville is a client of McNeely Pigott & Fox Public Relations, the company I work for.  I am not on the client team and all the thoughts/reviews in this blog post are my own.)



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