Moto Cucina + Enoteca


Moto Cucina + Enoteca is fairly new addition to Nashville, opening in February of this year. It is a part of the acclaimed M Street restaurant group. The restaurant boasts rustic-modern Italian cuisine with a twist.


The restaurant has a sleek and sexy atmosphere. Moto has a dark rustic interior, with classic elements that look like they come straight from Italy. You sense an air of sophistication as you walk in the door. The restaurant is excellent for anything from an intimate date night to a  business dinner.

I recently dined at Moto to celebrate moving into a new apartment closer to downtown. It was the perfect dinner to celebrate!


We started with a meat and cheese plate, filled with prosciutto, porchetta, blue cheese and brie. The choices of meats and cheese change daily, with locally and internationally sourced meats and cheeses.


With the appetizer, we were served amazing foccacia bread. It was moist and dripping with olive oil. The best kind of bread!



Every review I have read of Moto mentions the Blueberry Lasagna. Chef Andy Hayes calls the entree “a definition of my life’s work.” No matter how eclectic the dish sounded, I knew I had to order it. This is an entree I have never heard of or tried before, and I can tell you that no one can recreate Chef Hayes masterpiece of an entree. The pasta is so thin and the blueberry balsamic so rich and decadent. I could not love a dish more than I love this blueberry lasagna. You will NOT regret ordering it!IMG_0075

Below are a few other entrees that were ordered:

Garganelli with chilies, peas, and fennel sausage
Duroc Porchetta with Anson Mills farro and pickled raisins
Gnocchi with salsify, green apple, fonduta

Our table also ordered a side of the famed brussels sprouts to share. I have only had brussels sprouts a handful of times in my life, but if all of them were served like these I would eat this vegetable at every meal. They were so rich with flavor, and I couldn’t get enough!IMG_0078

We also ordered a side of the asparagus. It was served with a soft egg and herb butter on top. The egg was an excellent addition to the asparagus. It was divine. IMG_0079Even though we were stuffed, there was no way we could pass up dessert! My favorite was the Chocolate Mousse bar cake. 

Chocolate Mousse Bar Cake
Meyer Lemon Budino

Moto is the epitome of a sexy restaurant with a menu and atmosphere that oozes with Italian sophistication. I can’t wait to dine at the eatery again soon!


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