Acme Feed & Seed

Hi, friends! I want to apologize for my lack of posting in the last month. I have spent every moment that I can outside enjoying this beautiful summer.

Nothing more beautiful than Centennial Park in the summertime!

I have traveled a lot, tried many new restaurants and new recipes. Don’t worry, I will be posting about them soon! I’ve just had a whirlwind past few months, but I promise I will start consistently blogging once again.

To get back in the swing of things, I needed some inspiration.

What better restaurant to ignite my inspiration, than a brand new one! Acme Feed & Seed recently opened on 2nd and Broadway in downtown Nashville. I heard SO many great things about this restaurant within days of its opening. Naturally, it moved to the top of my list to try.


Acme is a 22,000 square foot establishment with four floors of usable space. The first floor is the main dining area, and has a quintessentially southern vibe. It features live music, “gourmet, street-food” style cuisine, and two bars.

The second floor is a more up-scale sit-down restaurant and is said to be open soon! The third floor of Acme is an event space called The Hatchery. I am hoping I will be able to attend an event in this space, it looks beautiful! There is also a rooftop bar, which would be a great place to see the city at sunset.

I went to Acme for lunch with a few coworkers. I’m lucky that I can consider them friends, as well.


One of my favorite things about Acme is that I can walk there from the office. I’m always game to get a little exercise during the day.

On the first floor of the restaurant, you walk up to a counter to order. (My understanding is that the second story will be a sit-down restaurant with wait staff.) You are given a number and the food is brought to your table. I was pleasantly surprised how great the customer service was, even once we had our food. Staff stopped by our table numerous times to fill our drinks and see if we needed anything. The extra service was not expected, which made me appreciate it even more.

photo1I went out of my comfort zone and ordered The Hatchery, which is curried chickpeas, coconut rice, cashews, and cilantro with a friend egg on top, and served with fry bread. The hostess said it was one of the most popular menu items.


This dish was out of my comfort zone, initially. I was planning on ordering the pork tacos, which is always a safe order for me, but I decided to branch out. Boy, am I happy I did. I usually don’t go for curried menu items, but the flavor of curry was so subtle and satisfying.

The coconut rice was excellent, and soaked up the egg yolk (YUM) and the extra curry. The cashews added a nice crunch as well. I think the fried egg makes this dish. The yolk added an extra element to the curry and the rice, which was fabulous.

I am eager to go back and try may more things on the menu, as well as the upstairs menu and the rooftop bar! I already know I will be a regular at Acme. It is so rare that you find a restaurant on Broadway that isn’t too touristy and has great food. So, next time your downtown, make it a priority to try Acme Feed & Seed (and order The Hatchery). You wont regret it!


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